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Our Vision

To bring together a strong collaboration of leaders committed to building an equitable future, through transforming health and well-being outcomes everyday, for all New Zealanders.

Collaborative Aotearoa is committed to:

  • Honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Elevating the voices of whānau, communities, and Hauora networks within our mahi
  • Bolstering services to advance delivery of the NZ Health reforms through continued support for general practices, digital health and localities learning platforms

Health Care Home

The Health Care Home enhanced model of care establishes a whānau-centric approach which enables primary care to deliver a better experience for whānau and staff, an improved quality of care, and provide greater business sustainability.

Digital Health

Digital Health represents a shift in the way health care is delivered and supports use of telehealth to improve access for whānau.

Collective Action with Communities

Localities will serve the communities of Aotearoa through reorganised primary and community care services. Every locality will have a consistent range of core services, how these services are delivered will be based on the needs and priorities of local communities.


Our Mission

Continue to partner with the best experts to powerfully support system change to ensure whānau flourish. We will expand the reach of the Collaborative across the motu, support our base membership of general practices on the journey to become Health Care Home wellbeing partners within localities, and strengthen peer to peer shared learnings and workforce development, at scale and pace. We will boldly drive our mahi towards equitable outcomes for Aotearoa through supporting:

Locally designed and tailored approaches to address priority population needs.

Better connected primary and community care providers centred on shared priorities and measurement.

Iwi-Maori leadership, honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi partners within the local rohe.

When we change (and challenge) the way we think about and approach healthcare, we transform healthcare outcomes for all, everyday.


Our Values

Acknowledging the mana of each party in order to create an environment of respect for different perspectives and behaviours.

Acknowledges the need for trust in doing the right things to ensure high quality systems and quality care.

Acknowledges a duty of care as a custodian that has the best interests of the patient/whānau and staff at heart.

Having empathy and nurturing the provision of quality care for whānau

There is an expected level of expertise by those delivering care and an obligation to do the best for patients and whānau

All whānau experience the same excellent health and wellbeing outcomes regardless of situation and challenges

All Values +

Our Promise

Be a catalyst for change – help networks and communities to translate system change, challenge thinking, and enable localised action.

Collaborate and facilitate – bring together community and locality leaders to learn from each other.

Influence – leverage efforts of our network to share the learnings and not reinvent the wheel.

Empower – build capability in our networks and communities committed to change.

Practical implementation – support the doing focused on what really matters to your local network.

Sustainable mahi – set up for sustainable implementation, supported by backbone organisations.

Champion – for resources to communities to achieve local outcomes.

All Promises +

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